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Virginie Glaenzer

Curious Host

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Co-founder at AcornOak & Story SenseMaker

Benjamin Schlez


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Guitarist, composer, producer

Laura Silvius


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Co-founder at AcornOak & Writer

Lori Schwebel

Strategist and Editor

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Co-founder at AcornOak & Strategic Project Manager

Support Us Through Gifting


We currently operate through the gift economy.


We are offering our work, as a gift, for people to freely use during these troubled times. We hope that our creation will help you become the self-authoring leader of your own life.

Gifting, the oldest and most natural form of economy, is nourished by the belief that some invisible hand will eventually balance everything and no one will ever fall off the cliff. 

We give time and expertise to people and organizations on the condition they open themselves to the dynamics. of generosity. In exchange, a gift comes with no strings attached and no bargain. Whatever form of kindness you would like to manifest or talk about, please contact us so we can explore this together.


Gifting guidance

Website hosting (est. annual cost): $300

Video training (est. annual cost): $550

Travel to meet Benjamin in Berlin: approx. $2,000


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