Episode 5

How Can We Overcome Age Discrimination?

Our fifth episode discusses the topic of Ageism with an attempt to answer the following question: How Can We Overcome Age Discrimination?


Welcoming Our Guests

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss age discrimination and its implications in today’s culture and society.

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Roxanne Darling, Serial entrepreneur and founder, Bare Feet Studios. Roxanne’s eclectic career includes hosting the YouTube sensation, “Beach Walks with Rox” which earned numerous awards and 2+ million downloads.

Donna Korren, Founder, Empty Quester. Donna is a thought leader, Tedx speaker, brand influencer, and writer inspiring the 50+ community and empty nest parents to craft a bold second act.


Linda Rossetti, Founder, The Transition Institute. Linda is an author, researcher, veteran tech start-up entrepreneur, and Fortune 500 executive, who engages readers with her own transition story and the stories of hundreds of other women who shared their experiences with her.


Jim Spivey, Partner, Mazzi Partners. Jim brings his experience as a former technology business executive and life coach to his work at a consulting firm focused on awakening change. He is inspired by prolific author, Peter Block, to change his own attitude toward aging and lead by example to change the world.


It was interesting to note that the panel was composed of individuals who are living examples of what they recommend. They actively push themselves toward interactions with members of other generations because they appreciate their insights and hope to break down the negative stereo-types often held by younger people.


As Roxanne put it, “We are older people who embrace youthful ideas and the strength of every phase of life.”

It is clear that this group feels energized and positive about “aging,” so much so that our conversation was about presence, purpose, finding shared meaningful projects across generations, and continued learning. And, with those thoughts in our arsenals, we are sure to move the dialogue around this topic in a positive direction.


We now know that our capacity and ability to process change is the key to aging well and its starts by understanding that aging is a “self fulfilling prophecy” as pointed out by Donna and a narrative that one should choose carefully.


This generation that redefined adolescence, brought the world Woodstock, pop culture, counterculture and classic rock is now reinventing aging with the same spirit of creativity, experimentation and rebellion.

This shift is impacting how society views elders and how elders view themselves.

As women of experience, the team at AcornOak has the same attitude. With our extensive backgrounds and skill sets, we’re eager to put our abilities to work in the powerful mindset of elders, as described in this beautiful post shared by Jim.


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