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Behind the Scenes of Season Two

Our upcoming season is called

“A New Age of Conscious Leaders”.

Behind The Scene. Episode 24


Welcoming Our Guests


Virginie Glaenzer

Conscious Leader, Trend Maker building Communities and Digital SenseMaker, she designs marketing and sales funnel strategies to drive growth and help leaders navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought. She has harnessed more than 25 years of experience as a renowned digital expert through consulting work, keynoting and thought leadership. Virginie has spoken at many top conferences and events such as Customer Experience Conferences, Chief Growth Officer Conference, C-Suite Conference, The Marketing Forum​. She is a seasoned business expert in SaaS and new technologies, who has founded two software start-ups in Silicon Valley and one retail venture in NYC.

Lori Schwebel is a seasoned promoter who recognizes that one size does NOT fit all, Lori enjoys collaborating with leaders to translate their visions into insightful, measurable, and actionable marketing.  

As a highly versatile business partner specializing in initiatives that deliver growth, Lori focuses on product launch, market expansion, and events that enable organizations to achieve key objectives.

Whether creating a brand for a new business, introducing a sales/CRM or Customer Success Management system, or writing content for websites, newsletters, blogs and advertising campaigns, she is dedicated to helping organizations thrive. Implementing change in dynamic environments is her sweet spot.

Laura Silvius is an experienced writer and editor with 15 years of content creation and project management experience. She holds an advanced degree in communications and has created content across media and platforms for different channels, audiences, and industries. 

On top of Laura's vast portfolio of writing and editing jobs, her experience include program management and coordination, marketing and business development, social media, and graphic and layout design.


In our first season with 20 episodes, we gathered 4 to 6 people to tackle one question at a time in an attempt to challenge the status quo and our own beliefs on various topics like communities, mindfulness, rituals, trust, regenerative practices and many more.

We brought together more than 60 passionate people to discuss: 

- What are the real powers of communities?

- How can we overcome age discrimination? 

- How can leaders lead from their hearts?


These are just some of the discussions, and as you can see the topics were wide but the questions precise. 


Our new season is called “A New Age of Conscious Leaders”.

In this second season, we’ll be talking with CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs and business managers who are mindfully letting go the old paradigm, the patriarchal model, pyramidal economic view of the world to embrace a world of new possibilities. 

We’ll share with the speakers a new book called Leadership Singularity, written by four strangers who came together during the pandemic to find solutions.

We’ll talk about:

  • New business models for our world in crisis

  • The courage to change and bridging leadership

  • And new Marketing practices to recreate trust in our customers and our employees.

If you are implementing change in your own organizations, or if you know someone leading a team or an organization who is disrupting the status quo within their company, please reach out to us.


Welcome to Pass the Mic Season Two! Episode 24

Welcome to Pass the Mic Season Two! Episode  24
Welcome to Pass the Mic Season Two! Episode  24

Welcome to Pass the Mic Season Two! Episode 24

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Virginie Glaenzer


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Lori Schwebel



Laura Silvius


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