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Benjamin Schlez

Guitarist, composer, and producer

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Touring Europe, USA and South Africa as a performing guitarist with over 500 concerts since 1992.
Member of Award winning bands. tudio credits on more than 50 CDs. Music producer for film Lampenfieber (2019), Kunstjagd (2017), Bibi Blocksberg (2002), Cowgirl, Sara Amerika et al, theater (Zurich, Hannover, Berlin et al), commercials (Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Cortal Consors, Amazon et al) and many artists (Dixon, Elke Brauweiler, Paula, Jochen Schropp).

Laura Silvius

Co-founder at AcornOak and Pass The Mic Producer

Laura is an experienced writer and editor with 15 years of content creation and project management experience. On top of Laura's vast portfolio of writing and editing jobs, her experience include program management and coordination, marketing and business development, social media, and graphic and layout design.

Lori Schwebel

Co-founder at AcornOak & Editor of Pass The Mic

A seasoned promoter who recognizes that one size does NOT fit all, Lori enjoys collaborating with leaders to translate their visions into insightful, measurable, and actionable marketing. She is dedicated to helping organizations thrive. Implementing change in dynamic environments is her sweet spot.

Virginie Glaenzer

Co-founder at AcornOak & Story SenseMaker

Conscious Leader, Trend Maker building Communities and Digital SenseMaker. Virginie has harnessed more than 25 years of experience as a renowned digital expert through executive leadership, consulting work, keynoting and thought leadership.

Meredith Lewis

Facilitator, Trainer, Critical Friend, and Writer

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As a skilled and experienced writer, facilitator, interviewer, and trainer, I am able to open up meaningful dialogue, analyse emergent narratives, and synthesise themes and issues into meaningful insights, implementable recommendations, and useful content.

Paula McGee

Chief Holistic Officer at Mazzi Partner. 


Paula is an Accountant, Artist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Heartmath Resilience Coach. Her life's journey is to courageously spread her wings, embrace the role of the divine in her life and live in community.

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We are offering our podcast and writing as a gift for people to freely use during these troubled times. We hope that our creation will help you become the self-authoring leader of your own life. 

Gifting, the oldest and most natural form of economy, is nourished by the belief that some invisible hand will eventually balance everything and no one will ever fall off the cliff. 


We give time and expertise to people and organizations on the condition they open themselves to the dynamics. of generosity. In exchange, a gift comes with no strings attached and no bargain. 


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