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On The Edge

A Leadership Series for your Professional Life

The forces reshaping the global economy are moving our business world of transactions to a business world of relationships.

In this new context, a new understanding of business has become critical to building and sustaining those relationships. In the future, profits will depend more and more on creating thriving communities where individuals can also flourish.


AO Studio invites leaders and individuals to rethink their relationships and unlearn their past experiences to discover new ways of working and be part of a new trend of flourishing new business models. 



Co-designing socio-economic ecosystems through distributed ledger technologies

It is time to move from top-down siloed structures to more neuro-distributed systems that foster cooperation among individuals.

In this 3-hour Holochain worshop, your team will learn distributed ledgers, the blockchain and holochain key principles after discussing the economy fundamentals and explore new business models.

Inspired and designed in synergy with Siddharth Sthalekar from Sacred Capital, Paul d'Aoust and Lucas Tauil de Freitas from Holo.



Which Stories Are Holding You Back?

Rethinking the Structures of Narratives is a simple self-inquired guided approach that emphasizes self-knowledge through self-understanding.

Stories are like movies in our heads. They are making a version of ourselves light-years away from the reality, often having way more fun than we are living. 


The only thing keeping you, your team and your organization stuck are your personal, business and brand stories.


Leadership Singularity

How can Marketing Save the world?

It all started as a blog by author Virginie Glaenzer, that turned into a tweet, that got a comment, that brought together four strangers from completely different backgrounds.

This happened just weeks before the worldwide COVID-19 virus drastically changed everything. It altered our humanity, how we conduct trade, where and how we obtain resources, how we market and sell our businesses, and what it means to be in leadership. 


Emerging Co-Creation Framework

On-Demand Workshop

Expand your practice, a workshop designed for change agents, agile leaders and facilitators.

The objective of this workshop is to learn how to thrive in an uncertain economy through the innovative framework Emerging Co-Creation. This requires a new way of working with others and in teams.


When we expand our ability to collaborate and lead others through emerging co-creation, we tap into our curiosity, learning the art of improvisation. 


In this practical training experience, we’ll explore the depth of emerging co-creation to understand our role as part of a system and the whole system itself.

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