Emerging Leadership Models

What Are The New Emerging Leadership Models?

Episode 2

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Celine Schillinger 

Founder and CEO at We Need Social - Author of Dare to Un-Lead. 


Charles Matheus

Leadership speaker and host of the Remaking Manhood Podcast.

Celine Schillinger

Founder and CEO at We Need Social- Author of "Dare to Un-Lead. A global Engagement Influencer, I help leaders and organizations succeed and grow by engaging their clients, partners and employees.

Engagement is the active mobilization of many talents, to deliver value together. This requires new leadership methods, tools and behaviors. Thanks to a rich experience in the corporate world acquired over 3 continents in large and small organizations, having driven award-winning engagement innovations in business and industrial environments, I help all types of organizations across industries.

Charles Matheus

Charles helps men, in particular, find meaning, purpose, strength, and compassion by combining ancient wisdom with modern approaches. He is on a mission to help other men feel powerful and confident as they step away from old, unsound leadership models and toward more inclusive, flexible, and sustainable modes. 

Charles Matheus is an adventurer, entrepreneur, soul work mentor, and leadership visionary. He has thirty-five years’ experience as an educator, wilderness guide, nonprofit leader, and as an organizational consultant to startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Charles has led individuals and groups to the top of the highest peaks in Wyoming and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and back!). He uses the facilitation and coaching skills he honed in those intense, high-risk wilderness settings to support, teach, and mentor experienced and emerging leaders.


Our global health crisis has put our leaders to the test and many failed because they could not grasp the new societal values. As a result, the pandemic just gave many workers an opening to act on these shifting values. One of those is the way we see leadership. 


In the past, we believed a leader was one person having the ultimate power and authority without having to consult others.


As a consequence, we’ve created a culture that is all about tangible results and high-performing teams. This no longer serves us because it sacrifices our well-being and the well-being of our planet.


Therefore, it’s time to shift to a new leadership model, one in which each employee can succeed through their work and creativity to lead a life of meaning and dignity.


To dive deeper on some of our panel’s work, we recommend Céline’s new book Dare to Un-Lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World (now available for pre-order on Amazon) as well as Charles’s Remaking Manhood Podcast.


You can also rewatch our Pass the Mic, Episode 6, Season One on Ethical Leadership.


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