Episode 23
What New Forms Of Education Are Emerging?

In our twenty third episode, our guest explore how the Pandemic is giving birth to new forms of education. 

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Welcoming Our Guests

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss the various emerging opportunities causing the world of education to experience a profound a shift.


Heather MacTaggart


Kristen Simonson

max noble.png

Max Noble

Heather MacTaggart, Director of unschoolingschool.com

As a social entrepreneur, an educator, and a problem solver, Heather is the Founder and Executive Director of Classroom Connections and an on-site leader of Change It Up, an initiative within Alberta First Nations communities. She is the co-author of Overschooled but Undereducated. A ​mother of four children, Heather is passionate about making the education system work for everyone.

Kristen Simonson, Founder of the Sage Creek Prairie School

Kristen is a high school teacher and a certified forest school practitioner. In 2021, she founded the Sage Creek Prairie School offering forest school programming and a wide variety of other outdoor experiences including permaculture and bushcraft. The school has demonstrated that child-led learning, paired with risk and beautiful natural spaces, are integral to the development of resilience, independence, and creativity. Ensuring that children have opportunities to visit wild spaces and experience risky and independent play has become her passion, and her overall goal is to mesh these invaluable outdoor experiences into current educational practices for all children as a vital part of their learning.

Max Noble, Founder of TMaxRD

Max is a maker, designer, futurist and evil genius. For the past several years he has been developing a secret weapon. something so diabolical, that the repercussions are going to rip through the education system's old belief system, like a hot knife through butter. By the time the system sees it coming, it will be too late, the wave of kids confident in their abilities and wise in their actions will be unstoppable. This is a checkmate for the education system. Kids love it! Parents love it. Teachers love it. The education system will have no idea what hit it.


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