Episode 16

 How Can We Increase Creativity by Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine Traits Within Us? 

Our sixteenth episode discusses the idea of rebalancing our masculinity and femininity to spur creativity.


Welcoming Our Guests

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss a topic that runs deep in our veins and might be the real challenge to move away from our current patriarchal society model.

From Homo sapiens to Holo sapiens, Jean-François Noubel explores the next consciousness and collective intelligence. An Open-Source Earthling, he lives in the gift economy. He helps evolutionary leaders build enlightened organizations towards the post-monetary society. He lives an experimental and evolutionary life. Several years ago, he left all his positions and mandates and tore up his CV in order to free himself from any etiquette and social status. With that, he won full creative freedom to live in the present millennium. His new paths allow him to accompany evolutionary leaders and train "humanonauts,” those for whom the term "go hack yourself” designates a way to exist. For more than 20 years, he has worked in the field of collective intelligence, a modern research discipline that explores how living systems work and the evolution of our species. He works on the next crypto-technologies that will soon enable the rise of super smart distributed organizations.


Mark Greene is the founder of Remaking Manhood. He is the author of the groundbreaking The Little #MeToo Book for Men and Remaking Manhood. As a co-founder of ThinkPlay Partners and a Senior Editor for the Good Men Project, Greene has spent over a decade as a writer and speaker, deconstructing our binary-riddled dialogues around manhood and masculinity.


We’ve stereotyped masculine and feminine genders when, in fact, their underlying traits are plural and dynamic; they change with culture and vary among individuals. In business, qualities commonly associated with designers, including empathy, curiosity, and kindness, have been labeled as female, whereas leadership, sales, and strategy are usually given a male connotation.

It is time that we, as a society, realize that masculinity and femininity are not characteristics strictly associated with gender, but depend on the person instead.

To be balanced and better people, we all need both. And, it starts with reconciling with our true selves: a mix of masculinity and femininity. We need to break the stereotypes of what it means to be a man or to be a woman.


To bring the best version of ourselves into our world, we must perform this balancing act between both sides. When we unite the traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity, we get a whole human being who can reach creativity, optimal human connection, and create communities.

The next generation of leaders, thriving in our new world, will be those who have learned to consciously step outside predefined gender “boxes” and the limiting expectations associated with them.


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Jean-Francois Noubel


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