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Initiation and Practice Of Silent Meditation

An introduction to a mindfulness practice 

With Marty Katz

Timeless Practices for Joy

The human condition includes questions, conflicts and choices that can produce restlessness in our minds. We see this in our overall functioning, our relationships, our work, our parenting abilities and our self-care.


The practice of meditation produces a stillness of the mind, which we can use to discover solutions and answers from within ourselves. 


A regular practice of  even a few minutes of meditation will allow the meditator to handle life issues with clarity of thought and action.

Join us and explore the journey to knowledge, strength and joy.


Program purpose

Inhabit a space where one can look inside oneself to find a quiet mind through which one can gain access to the possibilities of mindful living.


The vehicle for this exploration is the practice of meditation.

Key Milestones


Daily meditation will bring you:


  • A quiet mind

  • A sense of stillness

  • A clear state of mind


What to Expect


During this guided experience, you will focus your attention on what is most important and give your body, mind and emotions a space to be fully self-expressed and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress.

Marty Katz, our facilitator will create an easy entry into the experience during which you’ll experience:


  • A breathing technique

  • A mantra use (Sanskrit)

  • A focus of meditation (e.g., health, finances, relationships, career) for each participant

  • An invocation and welcome of spirit

  • A 20-minute silent meditation

  • An integration with a brief moment of quiet to follow; sitting; lying down, journaling

  • An open discussion to share experiences


Program Outcomes


Through discussion, meditation, and creative practices you will:


  1. Gain insights into issues

  2. Acquire a sharpening of emotional intelligence

  3. Experience how the solutions and answers you seek flow into you without effort 




This course is for you, if you:

  1. Are open to introspection

  2. Seek guidance from within yourself

  3. Acknowledge that learning is a lifelong quest

  4. Embrace the human journey towards living in joy 

Your Facilitator


Marty Katz

My name is Marty Katz, Founder of Mindful Clarity. I have been a student of meditation for many years and have studied with teachers steeped in the wisdom of the Far East.


The basis of this learning is the Vedas, the body of work that informs the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Through my studies, I have learned a range of meditation techniques, including breathing, mental focusing and mantras, which are sounds that contain vibrational frequencies that move us into a meditative state.

My Mindful Clarity program synthesizes many techniques and is designed to make the process of meditation easy, uplifting , centering and deeply satisfying.


The session lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.

Every other Wednesdays at 8PM ET


Access to Meditation and mental well being

is your birth right and it is our gift to the world.

Limited seating and first come first served. 

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