Episode 20

How Can Non-Duality Help Us

Be the self-authoring of our own lives?

In our twentieth episode, our guest discusses non-duality.


Welcoming Our Guest

As the podcast host, Virginie Glaenzer paved the way for this conversation led by Richard Sylvester to discuss what non-duality is and how it can dramatically change our world view.


Non-duality challenges our identity and boundaries which are the source of all our conflicts in our personal and professional lives.

It seems that a sense of oneness can increase our tolerance with ourselves and with others. Therefore, a more peaceful approach to our existence can reduce our impulses to do mischief in the world and lead to a less destructive life.


As Richards said, “If enough people were turned on to have simple lives, that might be enough to change our world.

There is a feeling of freedom that comes from removing our burden of being a person as we end this deep discussion with Richard gifting us with this quote from an unknown author: “There is something of the breath of freedom blowing through non-duality.


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