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Pass The Mic


Season One

Unusual and Unscripted

Group Discussion

to Challenge the Status Quo

We feature unusual & unscripted discussions to challenge our beliefs. Small gatherings of people with diverse points of view and different experiences, come to the table to discover others and learn something new.

These discussions are meant for anyone with curiosity, open beliefs, and a willingness to objectively listen, as together we explore new perspectives – and walk away both enriched and enlightened. 

Each episode begins with one expert - an open-minded and passionate individual who has spent a great deal of time investigating and researching a certain topic. We all have something to contribute and one voice can make a difference. 

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Season Two

 A New Age

of Conscious Leaders

In this second season, we’ll be talking with CEOs, VPs, entrepreneurs and business managers who are mindfully letting go the old paradigm, the patriarchal model, pyramidal economic view of the world to embrace a world of new possibilities. 

We’ll share with the speakers a new book called Leadership Singularity, written by four strangers who came together during the pandemic to find solutions.

We’ll talk about:

  • New business models for our world in crisis

  • The courage to change and bridging leadership

  • And new Marketing practices to recreate trust in our customers and our employees.



A series of reflections and thoughts in a pursuit of making sense of our world in a shortcast series.


These spoken words are the highlights and thoughts emerging from our unscripted group discussions.

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Words paint our individual and collective reality. 

Our narratives are woven into this evolving fabric, stitched together through time.

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