Episode 2

Can Philosophy Be the Magic Pill to Heal Society?

Our second episode discusses philosophy with an attempt to answer the following question: Can Philosophy Be the Magic Pill to Heal Society?


Welcoming Our Guests

We were honored to welcome our panel of special guests eager to discuss the usefulness of philosophy in our modern society.

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Melissa Nadia Viviana is an existentialist author and Beat Philosopher who writes satire, memoir, philosophy of the mind, and existentialism. She spent the past 8 months traveling through the U.S. with her Dalmatian and hosts two brand new podcasts: “The Beat Philosopher” which discusses memoir, psychology, and philosophy of the mind, and “Calm AF Existentialist” which explores Eastern Philosophy and wisdom.

Gordon Marino, PhD - Professor of Philosophy at St. Olaf. Having earned his PhD University of Chicago, MA University of Pennsylvania, and BA Columbia University, Gordon Marino ‘s areas of specialization include the History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Kierkegaard. Professor Marino is the author of The Existentialist’s Survival Guide, Kierkegaard in the Present Age and co-editor of The Cambridge Companion to Kierkegaard. His articles have appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, New York Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, American Poetry Review, and many other periodicals. Marino is also the Curator of the Hong Kierkegaard Library.

Tim Freke is a pioneering philosopher whose bestselling books, inspirational talks, and life-changing events have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the author of 35 books, translated into 15 languages, including a top 6 Amazon ‘Surprise Bestseller’ and Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year.' In his latest books Deep Awake and Soul Story, Tim offers a revolutionary approach to awakening for the 21st century and a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality. Tim is the creator of Unividualism: A Deeper Way of Living and the founder of The International Community of Unividuals.

Agnes Callard, PhD - Associate Professor at the University of Chicago. Agnes Callard is an Associate Professor in Philosophy. She received her BA from the University of Chicago in 1997 and her PhD from Berkeley in 2008. Her primary areas of specialization are Ancient Philosophy and Ethics and her published works include Aspiration: The Agency of Becoming and countless papers.

Matt Belair - Author, Athlete, Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host. Matthew Belair is the host of the top rated Master Mind, Body and Spirit show and best selling author of Zen Athlete: A Guide to Self Mastery. Matt has trained with 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Monks in China, Trekked Mount Everest, studied meditation with Tibetan monks, explored Egypt with the resonance science foundation and traveled the world in pursuit of truth and self-mastery. As a podcast host, coach, and speaker Matt is an avid researcher and experimenter in exploring human performance and conscious evolution.



Most of us discover philosophy while studying in college or high school. But do we look at philosophy, in later years, to interpret the world around us?

We must remember that what makes us human is the meaning we give to our experiences.

Inherent in this realization is the ability for us to look at the world objectively through our own set of experiences, rather than subjectively through a set of experiences that have been molded and framed by the institutions around us.

Thus, Philosophy done right should be uncomfortable and unsettling as we step into the unknown and uncertainty and use it to help us interpret ourselves with, perhaps, the vision of living a more authentic life.


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