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Regenerative Entrepreneurship Course
& Community


Karryn Olson

As the co-founder of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute and a lead teacher for PDCs and Board President, Karryn offers transformative programs that nurture folks in the three earliest phases of entrepreneurship. 


Having worked for over 20 years as a permaculture designer, educator, and organizer, she lived for 15 years in an Ecovillage and she has been diving deep into the regenerative paradigm for several years. 

She studied and supported women's leadership and has an MPA, a public sector equivalent to an MBA.

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Thrive in your regenerative work

Re-claim the tools of entrepreneurship in service to co-creating our regenerative future.

The "Pathfinders" course takes place within the Regenepreneurs Network and include general membership in this community of people who believe that our livelihoods should be in service the whole, to life.

Do you want your work to co-create our regenerative future?

Online MasterClass

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John Poehler 

John is the CEO/Founder of The Bipolar Battle, Inc.,  award-winning blogger and mental health advocate, a podcast host  and an author.


Taking Charge of Bipolar Disorder Masterclass

Without proper treatment, bipolar disorder is a debilitating mental illness that wreaks havoc on everything it touches. Chaos and unpredictability are words that precisely describe bipolar disorder.

After completing the Taking Charge of Bipolar Disorder Masterclass, you will be transformed into a true warrior.  

Online Permaculture Course


Heather Jo Flores

Author and founder of Food Not Lawns, director of Permaculture Women’s Guild, creator of the #freepermaculture project, Heather holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, with special focus on the intersection between ecofeminism, permaculture, and creative writing.

Self-employed as a writer, educator, and freelance creative for 25 years, she tends a 1/4 acre Mediterranean food forest in the mountains of Andalucia, where she lives with her partner and their two hilarious tiny dogs, Lola and Lucas.

Heather works with 40 other contributing teachers to bring to life these projects.

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#freepermaculture for everyone!


Learn to grow your own food and live more sustainably with these free online permaculture courses. 


It’s a revolution! Learn to design your sustainable garden, home, and community



Ayelet Baron

Author · Healer · Global Futurist, Author of the Trilogy: F*ck The Bucket List.


F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul

Discover the Wonder of YOU

Each one of us is unique and has treasures deep within us. Our presence impacts those around us, often in ways that are unspoken.

When a cup is empty, it’s impossible to fill another—and when a sponge is filled with water, it cannot absorb anything else. The key is to learn to take impeccable care of yourself and to trust your intuition to guide you to what’s needed. Never give up, but do learn to let go of unhealthy people and situations. Allow the beauty within to find its expression, and let your inner beauty shine.


The Contemplative Edge podcast is a different type of podcast aimed at helping you create space for reflection and contemplation in your life and work.

Rashmir Balasubramaniam

Executive Coach and Strategic Advisor to current and emerging leaders of social innovation and systems change.

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