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Every few months, we'll recommend new programs to guide you on your personal and business transformation journeys.  If you'd like to suggest books, podcasts, online programs, workshops or classes, please contact us on Twitter or Instagram or on our contact form.

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The Contemplative Edge podcast is a different type of podcast aimed at helping you create space for reflection and contemplation in your life and work.

Rashmir Balasubramaniam

Executive Coach and Strategic Advisor to current and emerging leaders of social innovation and systems change.

MasterMind Program

Rúna Bouius

As a global change agent, Rúna is on the vanguard of the new-business-paradigm thinking, creating better workplaces, and developing the new leaders.

TRUE Power Mastermind

TRUE Power Mastermind is a 6-month-long, fully virtual, and invitation-only personal and professional expansion incubator.

You join a hand-picked group of exceptional professionals and fellow visionaries whose sole aim is to dream in new and greater possibilities for themselves and help you do the same. 

16-week Online Program

Dave Pendle

Founder of Generative You, a leadership development social enterprise.

This integrative learning journey is designed to open participants’ perception to generatives ways of knowing, doing and being and thus develop their capacities for leadership of self, others and organisational entities or systems.

4-week Course and App

Pim Schachtschabel 

Architecting Curiosity

Follow your curiosity

Four Mind-Altering Weeks from Master Experience Designers. 

The 4-week journey is as fun as it is creative, poignant, and empowering. The experience is for anyone and everyone wanting clarity, direction, and support in manifesting a curious mindset in life.

Anthony Rocco 



Ayelet Baron

Author · Healer · Global Futurist, Author of the Trilogy: Fuck The Bucket List.

F*ck the Bucket List for the Soul

Discover the Wonder of YOU

Each one of us is unique and has treasures deep within us. Our presence impacts those around us, often in ways that are unspoken.

When a cup is empty, it’s impossible to fill another—and when a sponge is filled with water, it cannot absorb anything else. The key is to learn to take impeccable care of yourself and to trust your intuition to guide you to what’s needed. Never give up, but do learn to let go of unhealthy people and situations. Allow the beauty within to find its expression, and let your inner beauty shine.

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