A series of reflections and thoughts in a pursuit of making sense of our worldThese spoken words are the highlights and thoughts emerging from our unscripted group discussions.

Walk With Us and Listen

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Authenticity - Episode 1
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Gen-Z - Episode 3
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A Walk in the Forest

Benjamin Schlez, a German musician and composer, was playing music between two speakers’ discussions during one of the online sessions of the House of Beautiful Business; Virginie Glaenzer, a French-American entrepreneur, sense-maker and storyteller, was attending. Music is a space where ideas and emotions emerge from the mind and can create time for a new reality to emerge. With this concept in mind, two strangers with a common passion for creation started a conversation.


A poet and a musician’s minds discovered unknown territory and took a walk in a forest side by side exploring ideas.

The walk felt uneasy at times, with respective creative challenges;

Yet, the initial intention to set creation free was the guiding principle in this relationship, stronger than their loose expectations on possible outcomes.

  • How do we collaborate from a distance?

  • How do we create on the premise of just pure creation without expectations?

  • How do we intertwine spoken words with music, and which comes first, the music or the spoken words? 

This co-creation is meant to be an experience for your ears, your mind and your body.


When we give ourselves the space and freedom to live our lives as artists, we end up building different relationships with others and with the world at large.

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