The Leadership Singularity

Leadership Singularity: How Four Strangers Challenged their Assumptions.

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John Caswell is the Head Of Crayons and the Founder and CEO of Group Partners, where he makes strategies that work by using Structured Visual Thinking™ to exploit opportunities and solve complex challenges. John’s experience, tools, and techniques help his clients to completely reimagine their business. He is passionate about developing executable and resilient solutions to solve 21st century business problems.


Jonathan Cook, Commercial culture researcher and consultant. Jonathan specializes in using immersive methods to uncover and explore the deep cultural patterns, emotional motivations, narrative structures, and ritual experiences that enable enduring value in an increasingly disconnected commercial culture. He hosts This Human Business, a podcast exploring the place for human experience in a world of commerce increasingly characterized by automation, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.


Patrick Kilcline Novak is the Chief Empowerment Officer & Founder of Trident Strategies. Patrick has over 16 years of experience in the Department of Defense (DoD) and other military contracting environments. He is passionate about empowering leaders to be their best. Patrick is a graduate of the US Naval Academy.


Virginie Glaenzer is a co-Founder, Fractional CMO and Marketer for Hire, at AcornOak Agency, a cooperative community powered by women of experience. After moving to the US in 1999 from France with four suitcases and a head full of dreams, she co-founded three tech starts-up and began her journey to immerse herself in conscious leadership training in various disciplines such as psychology, wisdom traditions, awareness and mindfulness practices. She is the author of “The Awakened Brand” available for order: ​​ and the host of the Pass the Mic podcast, which aims to bring compassion and conscious leadership to business and in our personal lives and help listeners ask themselves questions to become conscious self-authoring leaders. 


Just weeks before the COVID-19 virus changed everything, a tweet got a comment which led to a blog post that brought together four strangers from completely different backgrounds. 


Each author believed that there was something important missing from the current discussion about how humanity and society will need to shift to avoid the perils on the horizon - climate change, extremism, rampant inequality, and the disappearance of morality and ethics. 


 “It isn’t that they cannot find the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.” 

– G.K Chesterton


The Leadership Singularity is an experiment in itself with four strangers practising co-creation at a distance while at the same time searching for a new way to lead organizations and market businesses. 


A unique experiment: co-creating from a distance


Co-creating from a distance required each individual to step outside their comfort zone and embrace not knowing the answers, much less each other to constructively help the group bring forth their own collective knowledge. It involved letting go of control and embracing rejection as a core principle of collaboration.


This experiment is the reflection of what our business world needs: people with a sense of urgency and the willingness to let go their entitlement from their titles or experience for a new liminal space to let new emerge. 


A new framework for a new leadership singularity


When looking at our current Marketers and leaders practices, it’s clear that we’ve arrived at a breaking point. It’s time to express our authenticity and go inward to strengthen our own 


The Leadership Singularity offers a new business model framework with a set of carefully chosen questions. Leaders and marketing have a new purpose that ask different questions and tap into their creative mind to unleash the artists in them.


"Maturity is a leadership attitude that demands that we stand up to the system that would crush us because of its selfish inequity and inequality - this is hard."

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