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 To uncover a more vibrant version of yourself and your purpose

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Purpose of the Training

Beyond Leadership is a program inviting you to explore our profound social and cultural conditioning and partners with inspired individuals to begin the discovery. 


This intimate facilitated workshop is meant to hold space for people at all levels of their individual journey, and help them build the capability to transform into truer versions of themselves—fulfilling their purpose, and having a positive impact in the world.


Program Overview

Through a series of presentations mixed with conversations including breakout rooms and individual work, Beyond Leadership will help you understand the barriers keeping you stuck to uncover your essence.


Supported by Mazzi Partners' unique “Life Planning” framework, and AcornOak’s nurturing space the attendees will have an opportunity to discover what purposeful living means through thoughtful lessons and heartfelt exercises. 


This experiential self-study group series will help you strengthen emotional and awareness muscles that will serve you throughout your life.



Session 1: Identifying our stories

Session 2: What neuroscience teaches us

Session 3: Letting go of our stories

Session 4: Understanding the discipline of clearing


Key Milestones


Beyond Leadership program will help you achieve growth in four key areas:


  1. Discover your core personality

  2. Uncover and understand your habitual or unconscious self

  3. Develop clearing skills to let go of past wounds and limitations

  4. Understand what it means to live an integrated life


Program Outcomes

  1. Identity roadblocks preventing you from feeling joyful

  2. Let go old patterns that keep you stuck

  3. Develop a sense of peace and love for yourself and for others


For some people, this program is an awakening experience, and for others it can feel like a door opening to a new world of possibilities. 

All will share in the deep and challenging work needed to break open the box where we’ve hidden our pain and wounds. 

With the compassionate and supportive love that the facilitators have towards each attendee, the program becomes a safe place to release those fears and hidden pain. 


What to Expect


Each session includes a mixture of presentations, group discussions, break-out rooms, and weekly individual work.


This course is for you, if:

  • You feel stuck in your personal or professional life

  • You question yourself and would like to expand your understanding of why you do what you do

  • You feel a desire to explore what "waking up" means

  • You’ve been struggling with anxiety and/or some form of depression 


Your Facilitators


Paula McGee


Chief Holistic Officer at Mazzi Partners.  Paula brings a holistic approach to all aspects of life. Although her background is in accounting, her current work in Mazzi Partners is in personal transformation, pursuing her own personal growth and expansion while holding space for others to do the same. She is also a Holistic Health Practitioner, working toward a PhD in Natural Medicine. She has a passion for The Enneagram and the wisdom it provides. 


Jim Spivey

Chief Relationship Officer at Mazzi Partners.
​Jim is a surrendered God-follower and other-servant, a devoted relationship adventurer and lover of powerfully real conversations, a penetrating seer of brilliant souls, partner to a courageous, beautiful lady, Dad and Granddad to 7 amazing humans, an explorer in the realm of mystery and wonder, a 20-year Executive Coach & Life Coach.

Laurie Schwebel

Lori Schwebel


A seasoned promoter who recognizes that one size does NOT fit all, Lori enjoys collaborating with leaders to translate their visions into insightful, measurable, and actionable marketing. She is dedicated to helping organizations thrive. Implementing change in dynamic environments is her sweet spot.


Virginie Glaenzer


Conscious Leader building Communities and Digital SenseMaker at AcornOak. 
Virginie is the author of The Awakened Brand and the host of the Pass the Mic podcast, which aims to bring compassion and conscious leadership to business and in our personal lives and help listeners ask themselves questions to become conscious self-authoring leaders.


Beyond Leadership is a four-week guided self-study group program with a weekly 2-hour Zoom meetings. It starts on Friday February 26th and ends on March 19th, running four consecutive Fridays from Noon ET to 2PM ET.


$750 Regular fee

$249 Introduction Fee

Please note: the experiential self-study group is is limited to 8-10 people on a first come first serve basis.

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Friday March 12TH to April 2nd

8-10 seats available

First come first served

Some Frequently asked Questions

-What if I really want to join and do the work but I can’t afford it?

We understand that some may experience financial difficulties. We are always here to support individuals who have the willingness and desire to challenge their life to uncover a more vibrant version of themselves and their purpose. Contact us.

-What if I need to skip one week?

Each session is recorded to keep up with the individual progress and work.