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A Voice For Women

Yin Leadership Network is a self-organized community created to guide and enable ambitious leaders so they can become their best selves. We are committed to helping women tap into their intrinsic wisdom to build, grow, expand and amplify their online presence through self expression.

We’ll evangelize your personal brand so you can strengthen your confidence and build your following.

Find Your True Voice

 Through clarifying work, you’ll complete your resume and craft a unique social media profile to set yourself up for opportunities to voice your truth.

Practice Voicing Your Truth

Instructing the Yin community, as you practice and become comfortable speaking or writing in your authentic voice, will be the stepping stone to your next level of growth.

Expand Your True Voice

As you embrace a new way of being in relation to others and discover the power of true support, you will also be invited to become a Yin Leadership Host - to help other members find their true voice.

Yin Leadership Network:
A Path to Transformation

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